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Prioritize by Cluster

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Bulk AI Writer

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Generate or Upload Keywords

You need a good list. Its okay if there is overlap but it should still be focused and densely cover the core topic.

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Upload Keywords

If you already have keyword data from another keyword research tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush, you can directly upload keywords into the clustering tool.

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De-dupe and Prioritize

Turn keywords into topics you can write about.

Group by Topic

With one click you can import all your keywords into the Keyword Clustering Tool. The clustering tool will automatically analyze and group the keywords into clusters.

Group semantically relevant keywords

Identify User Intent

Create content briefs and first draft articles

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AI Brief Draft

One click and you are on your way!

Use Clustering for Content Strategy

Utilize the information from the clusters to plan your content strategy. Each cluster can serve as a guide for creating content around specific topics, ensuring that your articles cover a wide range of related keywords and offer comprehensive insights to your target audience.

Extensively cover related keywords

Quickly gain trust and credibility

Create Engaging and Authoritative Content

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