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Updated September 28th, 2022
Most online article wordcount tools overexagerate the count because they include all the text on a page. Here is a guide to counting the words in an article online without having to copy and paste.

Sometimes you want to know how many words are in an article. This can be helpful for competitive analysis or to see if there is a correlation in a specific search term or niche.

Soon we will be adding a tool to simply analyze this for you.

1. Best tools for counting words on a webpage

Here are some of the best tools for counting words on a webpage:

  • google
  • microsoft
  • apple

Accurate Word Count of any Article

How to count the words in an article online?

Unfortunately it depends on the specific website or online article you are trying to count the words for.

One potential method is to first highlight all the text in the article, and then use the built-in word count function in your word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word) to tally up the total number of words.

How to count words in article and not all words on a webpage?

You might be wondering how to count only the words in an article and not all the words on the page. The extra words on a page might include menus, ads, etc.

Even within the article there is a distinction between headers, table of contents, image captions and more.

So how do you only get the words from the article? We get them by first parsing the entire article into segments. Then determine what each segment is about and only count the relevant ones.

Accurate Article Word Counter

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