Extract the keyphrases and subtopics of a webpage or article

Updated September 28th, 2022
Determine the long tail keyphrases and topics used in an article. This expert content forensics tool helps determine exactly what a page is taking about.

If you are doing keyword research you might be actively evaluating what long tail keywords and subtopics a competitor is using in their articles.

This tool helps you do the research accurately and fast!

Extract the Keyphrases of any Article or Webpage

Better than TF-IDF

The most common way to extract keywords from a document is to first parse it into words and then simply count the number of words.

This basic method of course will give you a bunch of stop words (ie the, and, a, etc)

The next best option is TF-IDF which seeks to summarize the core topics in a document by their importance.

From wikipedia we know that:

It is often used as a weighting factor in searches of information retrieval, text mining, and user modeling.

Since the mid 2010's TF-IDF was industry standard.

Now we have something better!

How Search Engines Determine what a webpage is about

The number one determiner of a page's topic and relevence are the internernal and external links to it.

While you have some influence over links, the content itself is in your control.

Modern search engines use a variation of the tf–idf weighting scheme as one of the tools in scoring and ranking a document's relevance given a user query.

Beyond that, search engines use sophisticated semantic language models to identify subject fields, including text summarization and classification.

Best tools for identifying the keyphrases used in an article

There are three types of tools:

  1. Word popularity of text on the page
  2. Summarizing search ranking by keywords
  3. Sophisticated reverse engineer semantic language model

Extract all the Important Keyphrases from an Article